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gleamingreviews's Journal

Film reviews (and more) by 2bass.
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**G L E A M I N G R E V I E W S**
Film reviews by 2bass
(It looks horrible now, but I'll spiff it up!)

About the community:
This was inspired by Dekan's Film Watch, which is an amazing site. I watch a lot of movies, and decided that I should begin reviewing them. Thus, this community was born! It's a place for me to post my thoughts, but also a place for you to share your opinions on movies, get recommendations, ask movie-related questions, etc. I hope you enjoy it!

NOTES: Everything I post here is my own personal opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree with my thoughts on any given movie. If you want, you can leave a respectful comment or whatever sharing your thoughts. Just, don't be a complete asshat if you don't agree with me, everyone has their own personal tastes.