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Thank You For Smoking (2006)

My rating: 4.5/5
Status: I've seen this movie once on DVD.
Date of first viewing: Oct. 15th, 2006

Director: Jason Reitman
Written by: Jason Reitman (screenplay) Christopher Buckley (novel)
Release date: March 17th, 2006 (limited)
Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott, Katie Holmes
Summary: Tobacco industry lobbyist Nick Naylor has a seemingly impossible task: promoting cigarette smoking in a time when the health hazards of the activity have become too plain to ignore. Nick, however, revels in his job, using argument and twisted logic to place, as often as not, his clients in the positions of either altruistic do-gooders or victims. Nick's son Joey needs to understand and respect his dad's philosophy, and Nick works hard to respond to that need without compromising his lack of values. When a beautiful news reporter betrays Nick's sexually-achieved trust, his world seems in danger of collapsing. But there's always one more coffin nail in Nick's pack. (IMDb)

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this movie. Aaron Eckhart gives a great performance as Nick Naylor, the character you WANT to hate, but just can't. The movie is witty and clever, and the characters are fresh and, for the most part, smart. I even enjoyed Adam Brody's small role as Rob Lowe's assistant. All in all, a very enjoyable movie. ****1/2
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