Sammy (2bass) wrote in gleamingreviews,

La science des rêves (2006)

My rating: 5/5
Status: I've seen this movie twice in theatres.
Date of first viewing: Oct. 9th, 2006

Director: Michel Gondry
Written by: Michel Gondry
Release date: Sept. 22, 2006 (limited)
Stars: Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alain Chabat, Miou-Miou
Summary: Following the death of his father in Mexico, Stéphane Miroux, a shy insecure young man, agrees to come to Paris to draw closer to his widowed mother Christine. He lands a boring job at a calendar-making firm and falls in love with his charming neighbor Stéphanie. But conquering her is no bed of roses for the young man and the only solution he finds to put up with the difficulties he is going through is escape into a dream world... (IMDb)

My thoughts: Amazing movie. The acting was suberb, as was the scenery in the movie. The dream parts were incredible. A very creative movie, very well done. The stop-motion animation was done perfectly and added so much to the overall effect the movie had. There were certain aspects of the plot which were hard to follow, but the acting and animation was more than enough to make up for the few weak points the movie had. Funny, touching, and original. *****
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That's one of my fav movies !!!!
(but I saw it totally in French so I missed things I think.. I have to wait for the dvd now :( )
By the way, I find the soundtrack amazing! I bought it after I saw the movie, I can't stop listening